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Owner and director, Damir Ruljančić, during his longtime work and cooperations with Institute Of Naval Engineering and Faculty Of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture has acquired a great theoretical and the practically experience and the knowledge in almost all techniques of processing polymer composites.

After overcoming the usual problems associated with the initial phase of development, especially when it comes to pioneering feats such as the case here, small but sure steps, we established a quality co-operation with suppliers and customers, and to ensure its position in the domestic market, governing the production for a known customer.

We are employing between 5 and 10 employee, depending on needs of business, and their education are given the special attention, especially in the adoption of specific vocational and professional knowledges. The onstant investment in education employee and new technology we are ensuring the continuity of our growth and development. Given the focus of our business in a very demanding projects, we have acquired 5-axial CNC machine (milling machines), numerically directed the processing centre for the processing and forming the wood, aluminium and composite materials.

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