Production program

Our production program can be divided into the following categories:
- According to customer specification - design, development and production of products of advanced composites for different purposes (auto industry, cycle and motorcycle industry, floating vessels, aircraft, military industry, wood industry, construction industry)
- Production of models and molds
- Processing service of wood, aluminium and composite materials on 5-axial CNC machine.

Photo gallery: machine production and processing

Priprema za rad Pokazni model za instrument tablu Kalup za opružni element Elementi za kalup za instrument tablu Elementi za kalup za instrument tablu Sastavljanje elemenata Obrada kalupa Zadnja hauba Zadnja hauba Zadnja hauba Prednja hauba Pokazni model Kalup za krov

Video: machine production and processing

“In preparation "- exclusive boxes for jewelry and wine of exotic wood species.

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